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We are proud to announce that we are kindly supported and sponsored by Mustad hooks.

I luckily got addicted to shark fishing several years ago. The buzz from a powerful fish is unbelievable. These apex predators are to be respected and deserve a future. Decent, reliable tackle is very important. We believe our rigs are the best on the market for quality and price.

This all came about because I got fed up with using inferior and/or expensive shark rigs.
Being a retired Engineer came in very handy... and with the help of my Daughter, who is a Dr of Engineering we have access to test the rigs and all of the components. Result being a quality product backed by confidence.

Main supplier to successful shark fishing expert Craig Deans skipper of Phat Cat Charters.

We make premium quality tackle. Bespoke rigs also made to order.

Made with care by lifelong fisherman and shark angler.
Analysed, strength tested and endorsed by Dr L Wallis EngD.

Our Rigs


Multi-buy Offer

1 leader and 2 bite traces only £20

Plus £2:00 postage


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wally's shark rigs

Rubbing Leader

12ft 375lb BS 1.5 mm dia.
49 strand 7X7 cable.
Marine grade stainless steel.
AFW double barrel heavy duty copper crimps.
Flemish loops.
450lb #8 Mustad heavy duty snap link 3 ball bearing swivel.
Shrink tube wrapped joints for fish welfare. 6 oz inline lead with with buffer bead included.

£11:00 including postage

wally's shark rigs

Biting Trace

4ft 480lb BS 1.5 mm dia.
49 strand 7X7 cable.
Marine grade stainless steel.
AFW double barrel heavy duty copper crimps.
Choice of hooks (Mustad etc).
Shrink tube wrapped joints for fish welfare. All joints with strong flemish loops.

£7:00 including postage

wally's shark rigs

Shark Float

Unique line clip allows allows the float to run free on the mainline when a take occurs

£5:00 plus £2:00 postage

Craig Deans – Skipper, Phatcat Charters. April 2017

“Massive Thanks Wally! Just received some more shark rigs ready for Phatcat to use at Milford Haven. Top quality gear at a fraction of the price!”

Hooked GB Tackle Talk: 20th Sept 2016

“Before our latest sharking trip Mike Wallis from Wally's Shark Rigs kindly sent us some rigs to put through their paces. There are two parts to the shark rig which consists of a long rubbing leader and a shorter bite trace.


Rubbing leader:

Made from 12ft of 375lb BS marine grade 49 strand 7x7 1.5mm diameter stainless steel cable,
AFW double barrel copper crimps, 300lb Size 8 300lb BS Tsunami snap swivel, shrink tube wrapped joints, 6oz inline teardrop lead and a small buffer bead.

Bite trace:

4ft 480lb BS marine grade 49 strand 7x7 1.2 mm diameter stainless steel cable, AFW double barrel heavy duty copper crimps, shrink tube wrapped joints,
choice of Mustad circle or J hooks in sizes from 8/0 to 16/0.
The first thing I noticed about these rigs is how supple the wire is for such a high breaking strain. The rigs are nicely put together with strong Flemish loops and all crimps as stated above are finished off nicely with shrink tube wrapping for fish welfare.
Regarding hook sizes I prefer the 10/0 circle hooks as they take far less pressure to set the hook so you end up losing less fish.
Prices are very reasonable and a lot cheaper than other rig making companies I have found on the internet.
The prices are including postage which is a great deal.
These rigs are good quality, do what they say on the tin and are good value. Not a lot else I can say other than if you are going sharking and don't have any of these rigs in your tackle box you really are a bit of a Wally!”

Gethyn Owen – Skipper, My Way. 8th Sept 2016

“Worth every penny and more, and thanks for your support and superb rigs, cheers pal”.

Dave Lewis 23rd June 2016

“Had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with Mike yesterday. His rigs are superbly made and tremendous value for money. Check them out!”

Tom Collins - Sea Angling Charters. 23rd May 2016

“We just received our first order of shark rigs and weighted leaders from Wally's Shark Rigs.
These rigs are professionally built using 49 strand wire, circle hooks and the leaders are weighted with 6oz leads.
As well as being the best quality rigs I've come across, they are only a fraction of the price of similar products from other retailers.
Thanks also for the swift service!!
We just found a Gem and we are very happy to announce that we have a new supplier of quality shark rigs for the 2016 Shark season!!!!
Wally's Shark Rigs are made with 49 strand 7x7 450lb wire and the leaders are weighted with 6oz weights. These hook lengths and leaders are made with top quality components and come at a fraction of the price of the competitors.
So now there is no excuse to target shark without the proper traces!!!!”

Harry Clinton 2016

“Mike, it’s like Christmas morning here I’m delighted with them first class it’s the simple things in life that make us all happy hope the money arrives today and as I said I will be ordering 10 bite traces and three more rubbing traces once again thanks Mike Tight Lines”

Adrian Smethurst April 2017

“Rigs arrived safely Mike. Many thanks outstanding service and quality”.

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